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Download and answers for 100 Pics Quiz game

The mobile game 100 Pics Quiz guess the answer has more than 10,000 different questions in its library. Some of the pictures have very easy answers to guess for most people, such as colors or foods. But there are also many questions that can be quite challenging. There are some clues or hints built into the game that you can use if you get stuck, but sometimes you just need…Seguir leyendo

Hearthstone Starter Rogue deck

  Most Rogue decks require the player to put on pressure in the early game. Try to destroy your opponent’s minions without too much effort by using your weapon and Backstab. Save Sap and Assassinate for emergencies, since your opponent will surely counter your deck with a strong minion. You must plan out your weapon usage carefully and take durability into account. The regular dagger lasts for 2 turns, but…Seguir leyendo

Hearthstone Starter Shaman deck

Shaman decks play somehow like Paladin decks. They produce weak minions that they can buff to mess with the opponent’s priorities. Thrall’s ability lets him summon a random totem which has a certain ability. This totem can be buffed using Raid Leader, Stormwind Champion and Shattered Sun Cleric to have free inexpensive minions. Shaman decks tend to play around the Overload ability, but basic Shaman cards do not have this…Seguir leyendo

Hearthstone Starter Warlock deck

Warlock decks often damage their hero to get benefits; this is the basis of Gul’dan’s ability Life Tap. Knowing when to play a card or when to Life Tap will probably mean the difference between winning and losing a Hearthstone game. One of the funner cards to play in a Warlock deck is the Gurubashi Berserker. You can play Hellfire as the Berserker is on the field and he will…Seguir leyendo


Hearthstone Starter Warrior deck

Warrior decks are the most straight-forward in Hearthstone. You play strong cards and aim to destroy your opponent’s minions without spending too many cards or mana. Warriors have several weapons at their disposal, which grants them ways to eliminate troublesome minions with little repercussion. One of the important things you must have in mind while using a Warrior deck is that you should always try to hit as many minions…Seguir leyendo

How to build your Hearthstone deck

Hearthstone is a game where luck is always involved, since you are to draw 5 random cards from your 30 card deck. By building a balanced deck you are more likely to draw cards that will help you regardless of the situation. Most players aim to create their decks by the mana cost spread. You must try to always have some low and medium cost cards that can keep you…Seguir leyendo

Rival Kingdoms Combat Strategy #2

After knowing how you will deploy your units, you must know what you may encounter when attacking an enemy base in Rival Kingdoms. Every base is different, but they employ the same structures for each one. The key for a successful attack is to be able to recognize a good defense from a mediocre defense. If you manage to hit the weak spots of the enemy base, you’ll get more…Seguir leyendo

Rival Kingdoms Combat Strategy #1

Rival Kingdoms is one of the easier strategy games you can play on mobile devices. Its approach is quite simple and players will often find themselves liking the game’s intuitive mechanics. It is very similar to Clash of Clans, so players will find that some of the strategies for Clash of Clans will also work on Rival Kingdoms. When you want to attack an opponent you can think the same…Seguir leyendo

Hearthstone Starter Priest deck

  Priest is one of the funner classes to play in Hearthstone, and all because of one card: Northshire Cleric. This minion allows you to draw a card each time a character is healed. That means whenever ANY character gets healed, you get to draw a card. By using Anduin’s ability, you can heal 2HP to any character, which means that your Northshire Cleric’s card text will activate. So you…Seguir leyendo

Hearthstone Starter Paladin deck

Paladin decks must control the board to survive. This is achieved by summoning the right amount and type of minions, while buffing them with Blessings to force your opponent into attacking what you want him to attack. Use your buffs to trade minions with your opponent, but always having in mind that as a Paladin, you do not have much draw-power. Be always sure of what you are going to…Seguir leyendo